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Here's where I take time out from client work to look at numbers that intrigue us, or put new tools through their paces. If we find something interesting, we write it down here...

22 Oct ’18

How do we reduce NOx in Bath?
I won a hack! Here's what I learned about air quality with Bath:Hacked, and the clean air zone being proposed by the council.

25 Sep ’18

Say hello to Propdex
Propdex is an itch I've been wanting to scratch for a while: Untangling housing facts for every postcode in the land.

06 Sep ’18

Facebook and Zoopla, sitting in a tree...
Facebook announced it is using listings from Zoopla and OnTheMarket.com, and everyone's gone crazy. They should.

28 Aug ’18

Mapping UK postal districts to national regions
Ever needed to group UK postcodes by region? It's stickier than it looks so we created a free lookup for converting postal districts e.g. BA1 = South West, KT3 = London, etc (free download)

24 Jul ’18

Is it time to put a warning on house price headlines?
There's something rotten in our most basic housing data. We took a look at which house price indices deserve coverage, and which you should ignore.

12 Jun ’18

How to pick a Brexit bolthole
We took a fun ramble through Europe's housing markets since 2012. If you were wondering "stay or leave", where would you go?

07 Jun ’18

Why Adobe Spark is perfect for data presentation
We made a little data video about the World Cup, and it wasn't painful. Adobe Spark is a free video tool that puts you in just the right mindset for high impact presentation - ideal for analysts who want to make a point.

16 May ’18

Who's buying villas in Spain?
The Spanish notaries just released their full report on foreign investment in 2017. It's been badly reported, but don't doubt the market has hit a big milestone.

29 Apr ’18

What if not voting was a vote for Nobody?
We took a look at voter apathy in the UK, mostly as an excuse to put Flourish Studio through its paces. It seems the main parties benefit when people don't turn out to vote.

27 Mar ’18

If Zuck is taking aim at property portals, he's a s*** shot
They say Facebook's foray into real estate advertising will upset the incumbents. We took a dive into the tech behind it and, far from disrupting the market, we think it just cements the grip of the major portals.

16 Mar ’18

Using viz to fix a myth about Spanish property
We were recently inspired by an approach to ranked bar charts that may be a solution to a common problem with Spanish property statistics.